De Vries Projects & Support services that can help you out


Financial Management

De Vries Projects & Support has extensive experience in financial functions. The (financial) administration is an important department as a central point in the organization. It goes without saying that this department must work in a well-structured manner. However, situations can arise that are anything but desirable due to various influences from outside and / or inside. If you find yourself in such a situation, We may be able to help you get the departments back on track and, at least as important, to keep it.


Logistic Solutions

De Vries Projects & Support can structure the total Supply Chain for you, with the starting position being cost reduction, faster delivery times and / or generating better insights into logistics flows. De Vries Projects & Support can organize your complete supply chain management for you. Logistic engineering is a core activity of de Vries Projects & Support. We only works with reliable partners who have more than proven their track record when it comes to the implementation of the chain directorship.


Interim Management

De Vries Projects & Support can offer you a solution if, for example, you are temporarily understaffed and not able to do mattters. It is also possible that you have a project where your executives do not have the time and / or capacity to pull this project. In that case, We can offer you a good solution. So, if you have a peak load in your management environment or a project running parallel to your organization or a temporary staff shortage, De Vries Projects & Support will able to help you with that matter.


Project Management

De Vries Projects & Support offers support for projects. An implementation of a project takes a lot of time and usually a lot of money. It is therefore important that there is a point of contact to ensure that all lines run in the same direction. We can be a coordinating hub in the web here.


ICT Solutions

De Vries Projects & Support helps you in solving your ICT issues. ICT solutions can have large impacts within an organization and it is therefore important that the choice you make is the best choice for your situation. De Vries Projects & Support helps your organization to make the best choice of the various option.



De Vries Projects & Support can offer you support if you are temporarily understaffed in your administration. You can think of temporarily filling in the head of F&A, financial manager or supporting & advising your HR department. We have extensive experience when it comes to personnel support.